Thursday, November 16, 2006

At last!! Faces behind the names. Glenn, on the left, is holding Finn, Therese is holding Ariel and Dean, Glenn's second eldest, has got Liam. Number six is only two months away now.

Over the last few weeks, we've had some great rain and it is almost possible to actually see the grass growing. The cows are loving it and if it keeps up then we'll have so much feed that we will be able to harvest sileage and hay next year.

Our weaner pigs have been very popular, with all of them destined for the Christmas table in one way or another. It is a surprise for many new buyers of our pork to learn that ham and bacon can be prepared without nitrates. The meat looks a little different and it tastes a whole lot better.

In our photo, you'll notice that Glenn's son, Dean, is with us. Nearly nineteen, Dean works for us and is responsible for most milkings and helping wherever else Glenn needs assistance. Dean managed the farm very competently recently while we had a well deserved holiday away from home. We are very grateful to Dean and for the time made available to Glenn to focus on other aspects of farming because of Dean's help.

Our next newsletter is due out in a couple of weeks, so keep posted for more updates on our farmlife.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Where has the winter gone?! It hardly seems as though we experienced winter this year. Apart from the BIG frost early on and a smaller one a few weeks ago, there weren’t many other signs that winter was even here. Already our mulberry tree has ripe mulberries (much to the kids’ delight) and the temperature is hovering near 30°. The cows are enjoying the winter pastures still and with the warmer days the growth of the grasses and herbs can literally be seen a day later. One of our recent WWOOFers, Imke, from Germany, helped to get the cows in for milking and we were able to show her the new growth in the grass. Only two days after being grazed, there was nine centimetres (3½ inches) of new growth. That is the sort of growth we would expect in spring and Imke was with us in mid-winter. One can only imagine what summer will be like!

The end of August saw us having two days of stirring of BD500. For those who don’t know what BD500 is, it is a biologically and energetically alive substance that is sprayed over the pasture at specific times. Perhaps it is best if we explain a little about Biodynamics so all our subscribers and others who read our newsletter will learn and appreciate the beauty of this practice.

In the 1920s, Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian scientist and philosopher, was approached by a group of German farmers who were worried about the impacts of chemical farming (they could see way back then that there were higher inputs and less yield after only a few years of chemical farming). Steiner presented a series of eight lectures (now available as the book “Spiritual Foundations for the Renewal of Agriculture”) from which the biodynamic method of farming was developed. Even as far back as 1924 the use of chemicals in agriculture was causing concern with respect to the viability of seeds, deteriorating food quality and greater difficulties for the health of both livestock and crops. These farmers were also concerned that their farming systems were no longer sustainable. The biodynamic method of farming and gardening was developed by Dr. Rudolph Steiner as a way of addressing these fundamental problems. (Biodynamic Education Centre, Course Manual, Level One).

In his book Advanced Biodynamic Agriculture, How to make Biodynamics work better, A Short Course,
Hugh Lovel say

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome to Our Farm!!

Eden Hope is a certified Biodynamic and organic dairy farm located 12 kilometres outside Gympie in the South-East corner of Queensland, Australia. The farm is approximately 64.4 hectares (159 acres) in size and currently stocks around 150 head of cattle. The main cattle breed is Jersey, with several cross-breeds in the herd.

The milk produced by the cows is extremely rich and of a very high quality. The farm-label milk is processed at the local Cooloola Milk factory and is available throughout Gympie and the Sunshine Coast. One key feature of our product is that we can guarantee that the milk you buy under the Eden Hope label is from the Eden Hope farm. This feature allows you, the consumer, to truly experience the seasonal changes that we experience here on the farm.

Our journey over the last few years has been quite an adventure in terms of stepping outside the square. Glenn has always been known for his ability to challenge the 'experts' and has often changed his farming practices despite industry consultants telling him that 'it'll never work' or 'that's not going to grow in your area'. By changing his thinking and how he views the world, Glenn has seen immense change both on our farm and within himself.

The neighbouring dairyfarmers often shake their heads at our practices but we can see that the way we have chosen to farm is sustainable and lower in costs than our previous choices. It would be hard to imagine many dairyfarmers thanking their cows for their milk and wishing them a lovely day, good grazing and 'see you tomorrow!'. Our cows respond to this by rushing in to the dairy and giving their milk freely. Illness in the cattle is a thing of the past. Mastitis is very rare which means medication is never used. If we are required to treat a cow for any reason, we use a combination of homeopathy, nutritional supplements (vitamins and minerals) and kinesiology. It is obvious to farm visitors that the main reason for our cows health and happiness is the love they receive from us.

Over the months, we hope to paint such a picture for you that you will feel as though you are actually helping with the milking each morning. There's another reason why our cows are so happy and unstressed - we only milk once per day!

At the time of writing, the weather is extremely humid and hot. We expect that this will herald some rain in the not-too-distant future. We rejoice in the rain and have learnt, through the recent drought, that you can never have too much - at least where we live!!

Our love is in our milk.......taste the difference!!